School Year 2019-2020 Schedule


Dec 23-Jan 1  Closed for the Holidays

Jan 2-4            Make-up lessons

Jan 11             L&MOP at Carnegie-Stout

Feb 8              L&MOP at Carnegie-Stout

Feb 17-21       Tuition Due for 3rd trimester

Feb 22            Student recital (optional)

Feb 22            2nd trimester ends

Feb 24-29       Make-up lessons

March 3          3rd trimester begins

March 14        L&MOP at Carnegie-Stout

March 16-21   Make-up lessons

April 11           L&MOP at Carnegie-Stout

April 27           Summer registration - current students

May 4              Summer registration - new & former students

May 16            Student recitals

May 25            Closed for Memorial Day (to be made up)

May 30            3rd trimester ends

June 1             Flint Lindsay, Ryan scholarship application due

June 1-6          Make-up lessons

June 2             ChamberFest DBQ Sponsor Reception

June 3             ChamberFest DBQ Workshop, 5:30-7pm, Jansen Music Hall, Clarke

June 4             ChamberFest DBQ Gala Concert and Reception, 7pm, Jansen Music Hall, Clarke University

June 8             Summer session begins

July 1               2020-2021 scholarship application due


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