Playathon 2017

Sunday, December 10, 1:30-6:30PM
A Roshek Holiday, Roshek Building

Playathon is a multi-hour public recital presented by NISOM’s talented students. This year the event will again be in the historic Roshek Building during the beautiful and festive “A Roshek Holiday.” Before performing at the recital, students collect sponsorships from friends, family, and neighbors (just like a walk-a-thon) and earn prizes based on their level of sponsorship. Your goal is to raise $100, but don’t stop there! The biggest and best prizes go to those who raise the most! We ask that each student raises a minimum of $20 to participate in the recital. 

Important Note: The deadline to turn in your Playathon sponsor money has changed. Turn in your donations by December 1 to perform in the recital and earn prizes. With the earlier deadline, you will get your prizes at Playathon instead of in January!

The Northeast Iowa School of Music is a non-profit organization. That means we provide your lessons as a service to you as part of our mission to make music accessible to all. Did you know the tuition you pay does not cover what it costs us to give you lessons? One way we make music accessible is by teaching lessons at less than cost. As a nonprofit dedicated to serving you and the community, we are happy to do our part in raising money for your lessons. We ask you to help, too. Playathon is one way you as a NISOM student can participate in improving lives through music. Learn more about other ways to help and why it's important at Fundraising

Prizes! Everybody is a winner!

Every student who raises the $20 minimum or volunteers will receive your choice of a NISOM Frisbee, stadium cup, or keychain flashlight.

AND every student who meets their goal of $100 gets a Playathon 2017 T-Shirt.

AND to divide among our TOP EARNERS and those who reach the $100 goal we have a great variety of BONUS PRIZES! These include:

  • $50 savings bond from US Bank for the Top  Earner under age 18
  • Gift Certificates to the Capri Salon & Spa
  • Tickets to Dubuque Symphony, Fly-By-Night Productions, or The Grand Opera House
  • Gift certificates to Walmart, Betty Janes Candies, or River Lights Books
  • Passes to National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, Matter Creative, or Mindframe Theater
  • Gift certificates from area restaurants including Burger King, East MIll Bakery, Tony Roma's
  • And more!

Top earners get their choice of a top prize, plus assorted smaller prizes!

→ Those who reach the $100 goal get assorted bonus prizes!

→ Students at lower levels of earning may also receive a small bonus prize.

Bonus prizes are awarded as supplies allow. THANK YOU to all our prize donors!

It’s Simple to Participate!

  • Watch for you Playathon packet in the mail
  • Speak with friends, neighbors, relatives, the orthodontist, your mechanic, etc. to collect sponsorships.
  • Practice!
  • Have your teacher sign you up for a performance time.
  • Turn in your money and sponsor sheet by December 1.
  • Show off your skills at the Playathon recital December 10.
  • Claim and enjoy your prizes!

Performing at Playathon

Playathon is during A Roshek Holiday in Dubuque’s Roshek Building, located at 700 Locust Street. It’s a great chance for the community to celebrate the season and for you to show off your talent!

Talk with your teacher about what to prepare for the performance and to sign up for a recital time as the event approaches. You can select any piece that you have performance-ready. If your pieces are short (less than a minute), pick two or three! Holiday tunes are great, but any genre is welcome. 

Bring your cheering section! Invite your family, and friends to hear you perform. The recital is free and open to everyone. Be sure to invite anyone who sponsors you!

Remember that with a multi-hour recital, people will be coming and going throughout the event. Be prepared for background noise and activity. On the day of the recital, please arrive well before your performance time to allow for parking and to get you and your instrument ready to do your best.

Students should raise at least $20 (or volunteer at the event) to participate in the recital. Reaching the $100 goal is encouraged but not required. Students who do not participate in the fundraising component will not perform in this recital.

If you are unable to play at the recital, you can still raise funds to earn prizes.

Submitting Donations & Paperwork

After you get donations, turn your sponsor sheet and the contributions in to NISOM. All donations must be turned in by December 1. Remember to collect the donations at the time you solicit them.

If you’ve reached your $100 goal, congratulations! Be sure to write your T-shirt size on your sponsor sheet. Need another sponsor sheet? Awesome work! Pick up a new one at the NISOM office.

Note: NISOM is grateful for in-kind donations, but only monetary donations count toward students’ Playathon totals for the purpose of prizes.

Tips for Speaking to Possible Donors

1. Carry a pen, sponsor sheet, and your Playathon newsletter for reference.

2. Introduce yourself, and tell them about your lessons at NISOM.

3. Tell the potential contributor that NISOM is a nonprofit organization, and that all donations are tax deductible. If they have any specific questions about NISOM’s financial information, have them call the NISOM office.

4. Invite the potential contributor to attend Playathon on December 10 at the Roshek  Building from 1:30-6:30pm. If you know what time you will be performing, tell them that, too! Basically, you are selling tax-deductible tickets to a free concert. (Note: sponsorships are not per-minute of playing.)

5. Fill out the sponsor sheet: Ask contributors to print their name and information. NISOM will mail a receipt to the name and address listed, so they should include complete information. These are for our records only; we will not add them to our mailing list unless they would like us to. 

6. Collect the money when you solicit sponsorships (checks, cash, or online donations are accepted). Those sponsoring multiple students in the same family can write one check; make checks payable to NISOM. Sponsors will receive a receipt from our office for tax purposes. 

7. Reach more donors through social media! Share information about Playathon on Facebook, Twitter or though email to reach more donors. Share this link or direct donors to the donate button on NISOM’s Facebook page. For online donations, have donors put your name - Playathon, in the memo line so you can get credit toward your goal.

8. Thank your contributors for their support, and again invite them to attend Playathon or any of our other events this year. They can call our office or visit our website for more information.

If people do not wish to be a sponsor, thank them and invite them to join the audience at Playathon!

Good luck!

Another Way to Reach Your Goal

Be a Playathon Helper Elf

We realize that not all NISOM families are able to contribute through fundraising. If you would like your student to perform in Playathon, but are unable to collect donations, being a Playathon helper is a great alternative! On the day of Playathon (December 10) we need extra hands to help with setup and teardown, taking pictures, greeting audience members, prize drawings, the treat table and spreading holiday cheer! If you are available to help, sign up for a 2 hour volunteer time on the student bulletin board, or contact our office. Shifts will be from 12:45-2:45, 2:45-4:45, and 4:45-6:45. Volunteers should be parents or other adult family members or students age 12 and older.

More Ways to Have Fun at Playathon

Treats! - Refreshments and cookies will be available throughout the entire Playathon performance! If you want to bring a treat, please sign up on the cookie sign-up sheet on the student bulletin board, or contact our office. Donations of paper cups, napkins, or hot chocolate are also welcome.

Festive Atmosphere! - The Roshek building holds its annual Roshek Holiday during this time every year. Take some time to walk around and view the beautiful and festive decorations, all in support of local non-profits, including NISOM!

Wonderful Performances! - Support your fellow NISOM students by being audience members and cheering them on in their Playathon performances!

Kids Activities! - Activity sheets will be available for students and siblings to complete at the Playathon performance.

Thank you for your hard work and support of NISOM!

With your help, we can make Playathon 2017 another great success!


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