Music Lesson Policies 2018-2019

Enrollment Policies

Our year consists of three school-year trimesters plus a summer session. All students must register each school year and summer. Registration is first-come, first-served and tuition/fees must be paid in order to reserve a lesson time. By registering for lessons at Northeast Iowa School of Music, you are agreeing to abide by all policies and adhere to the payment dates.

When you register for music lessons during the school year, you are registering for not only the current trimester, but also for any subsequent trimesters that school year. Music students do not have to register each trimester. Unless you notify us of a withdrawal, you will be automatically enrolled in and billed for lessons through the end of the school year. The lesson time you select at registration will be your lesson time through the entire current school year unless you request a change; a student may switch his or her lesson time between trimesters or mid-trimester if an alternate time is available.

Students are not automatically enrolled in the summer session or any subsequent school years. You must re-register to enroll in future sessions beyond the completion of the current school year or summer session. Lesson times do not carry over from one school year to the next.

If you have no preference for a specific teacher, you will be assigned to an instructor best suited to your ability level and desired schedule when you register. See Faculty Biographies for more information about instructors.

Discontinuing Lessons: 
Students needing to withdraw at the end of 1st or 2nd trimester must notify the office of the withdrawal during or before the last week of the trimester (when tuition is due). No action is needed to withdraw after 3rd trimester or summer. If it is necessary for a student to withdraw mid-trimester, the student/parent must inform the office one month in advance in order to receive a refund or to stop ACH payments.

Performance and Participation Policies

Our first student recital of the school year is Playathon. Students perform on the second Sunday in December from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the Roshek Building lobby. Participating students will receive Playathon information from their instructors.  Students only need to be there while performing but why not stay awhile and listen to other performers while you look and the many holiday decorations?  You may also wish to participate in the fundraiser. If you do, 50% of your fundraising will go towards your 3rd trimester tuition and 50% will go to help others get lessons at Northeast Iowa School of Music.  Prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers.

The deadline to turn in your Playathon sponsor money is December 9th at the recital or business office.

Northeast Iowa School of Music offers several recital dates each year and students are encouraged to perform. Our Playathon fundraiser serves as the first recital. General recitals are held near the end of 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Recitals are free and open to the public.

Attendance Policies

Attendance, Absences and Make-ups:
Tuition reserves all lesson times during the session for a student regardless of student non-attendance, vacation, field trips, school music obligations, sports, etc. We are not obligated to make up for student absences.

Excused Absences: Student illness or family emergency are considered excused absenses. The student/parent must contact the office as early as possible, and in such cases, every attempt will be made to reschedule the lesson during a make-up week or as the teacher’s schedule permits. Teachers may only be able to make up one lesson per trimester/summer. Excused absences carry over each trimester within a school year, but school year make-ups do not apply to summer and vice versa. No credits or refunds will be given for student absences. Cases of extended illness will be handled on an individual basis.

Unexcused Absences: All non-illness or emergency absences are considered unexcused and will not be made up at a future date. Whenever possible we will work with you to find an alternate opening in the teacher’s schedule during the normal lesson week. Please give advance notice, so we can attempt to reschedule. Note that an alternate time may not be available, and in such cases the student forfeits the lesson.

No Shows: If a student does not attend a lesson and we have not be notified beforehand of the absence, the lesson is unexcused regardless of the reason for non-attendance. No make-ups will be given. Cases of emergency will be handled on an individual basis.

Northeast Iowa School of Music Cancelations: In the event of instructor absence, we reserve the right to provide a substitute teacher. Any lessons canceled due to teacher absences or our closings will be made up during the school year or may be refunded upon request at the end of the school year. For inclement weather, note that we do not automatically close when Dubuque schools close. When we close, announcements will be made via radio, email, and social media. Please call our office if in doubt.

Make-up Days: We have set aside days throughout the year as designated make-up days when there are no regular lessons. Students/parents may schedule make-up lessons during this time for excused absences or our cancellations. Note that make-ups are not automatically scheduled; it is the students' responsibility to schedule make-ups for any missed lessons. Students who are not owed any lessons or who do not schedule make-ups do not have lessons these days. Make-up weeks are not counted in the 12 weeks for a trimester.

Late Arrivals: When students arrive late to their lessons, these lessons still end at the regularly scheduled time; students receive shorter sessions.  If a student (or family with back-to-back lessons) is more than 15 minutes late and does not call, the teacher has the right to treat your lesson(s) as a no show.

Planned Summer Absences: For the summer session students may sign up and pay for only the lesson dates they plan to attend. If students inform us at registration of any weeks they will be absent, they will not be charged or scheduled for those. The regular absence policy for excused and unexcused absences, our cancellations, make-up days, and refunds applies to all lessons you schedule.

Safety and Substances:
Northeast Iowa School of Music is committed to providing a safe and secure environment. Students and their guests are not permitted to carry in alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons including, but are not limited to, guns, knives or swords, explosives, or any chemical whose purpose is to cause harm to another person. Regardless of whether an individual possesses a concealed weapons permit or is allowed by law to possess a weapon, weapons are prohibited in  our facilities. Smoking is not permitted in any building in Fountain Park. Guardians of minors may drop students off or stay during lessons. If a situation should arise where a parent/guardian feels their minor child's safety is or could be at risk, please accompany that child to his/her lesson, or speak with the office manager about the situation.


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