Music Lesson Policies 2019-2020

Enrollment Policies

Registration: Our school year consists of three 12-week trimesters plus a summer session. Registration is first come, first served, and tuition/fees must be paid in advance to reserve a lesson time. By registering for lessons, you are agreeing to abide by all policies and adhere to payment deadlines. 

When you register for lessons, you are reserving your time for the entire school year. A student may switch his/her lesson time between trimesters or mid-trimester if an alternate time is available. Students are not automatically enrolled in the summer session or the next school year.  You must re-register to enroll in the summer and future sessions.

Faculty: Students will be assigned to the teacher best suited to their ability level and desired schedule when registered. If students prefer a specific teacher, we will do our best to accommodate.

Withdrawal: Students needing to withdraw at the end of 1st or 2nd trimester must notify the office during or before the last week of that trimester.  No action is needed to withdraw after 3rd trimester or summer. If it is necessary for a student to withdraw mid-trimester, the student/parent should submit a Discontinuance Form three weeks in advance in order to receive a refund for the remainder of the trimester or to stop ACH payments. No refunds will be given for those students withdrawing from lessons during the last three weeks of a trimester or if a form is not received.

Performance and Participation Policies

Recitals: We schedule three recitals per year and students are encouraged to perform in at least one. Playathon serves as the first recital; the other two are scheduled near the end of 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Recitals are free and open to the public.

Playathon: Our first student recital of the school year is Playathon. Students perform on the second Sunday in December from 2:00 to 4:00 PM at the Roshek Building lobby. Participating students will receive Playathon information from their instructors.  Students only need to be there while performing but why not stay awhile and listen to other performers while you look and the many holiday decorations?  You may also wish to participate in the fundraiser. If you do, 50% of your fundraising will go towards your 3rd trimester tuition and 50% will go to help others get lessons at Northeast Iowa School of Music.  Prizes will be awarded to the top fundraisers.


Tuition and Payment Info

Registration Fee: An annual, non-refundable registration fee of $35 per household is paid at fall registration. This fee is pro-rated throughout the school year and summer, based on trimester enrolled($30—Winter, $25—Spring, $20—Summer).  Registration fees paid during the 2019-2020 school year include any summer 2020 lessons. 

Tuition: Northeast Iowa School of Music offers two tuition payment plans during the school year: by trimester or by automatic monthly withdrawals. All tuition is pre-paid in advance of the lessons.

Paying by Trimester: Each school-year trimester is 12 weeks. Tuition is $300 per trimester for 30-minute weekly lessons. We also offer lessons in 45– and 60-minute increments for an additional charge. Playathon and scholarships can help reduce tuition. See below.

The full trimester tuition and other fees are due at the time of registration and must be paid in order to reserve your lesson time(s).  See calendar for dates. We do not email/mail invoices unless tuition is overdue. A $5 per week late fee may be added to any tuition not paid by the first lesson of the new trimester. 

Paying by Automatic Monthly Withdrawals: Schedule your tuition payments on an automatic, monthly basis and avoid missing a payment. Students with a 30-minute lesson pay a tuition deposit of $200 plus registration fee when first enrolling each school year.  The balance of fees for the year are automatically withdrawn the first Friday of each month from your bank account ($100/month), starting in October and ending in April.  Playathon and scholarships can help reduce tuition. See below.

To set up withdrawals, see the office manager to fill out an “Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits” form and turn it in with a voided check and the deposit. Your non-refundable deposit covers the first and last months. One month written notice is required to stop withdrawals mid-year.

Family Discount: Families enrolling in three or four weekly lessons will receive a 10% discount off the third and fourth lesson per week. Families taking five or more lessons per week receive a 10% discount on all lessons.

Pro-rating: For students registering after the beginning of a trimester, the tuition will be pro-rated.

Payment Methods: We accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and automatic monthly withdrawals.

Financial Assistance: We offer need-based financial assistance in the form of student scholarships. Applications and information are available in our office and at

Refunds: All refund requests must be submitted by June 12, 2020. See attendance policy (page 4) for refund eligibility.


Please Note!

Safety First:
We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment. No person is permitted to carry in alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, and/or dangerous chemicals. Smoking is not permitted in our building.

Parents/guardians may drop students off or stay during lessons. We recommend that you accompany your child to his/her lesson or communicate with the office manager regarding specific arrangements.  To be prepared for various emergency situations, we may occasionally conduct drills during lesson times to teach students where to go in case of fire, tornado, or other emergencies.


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