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Summer 2018:

Summer lesson tuition is based on the number of lessons scheduled according to the student’s and the teacher’s availability and is calculated at a rate of $21.25 per 30-minute lesson. There will be no automatic withdrawals for summer lessons. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $15 per household for any households who have not paid a registration fee during ther 2017-18 school year. Registration fees paid during the 2017-18 school year also covers summer 2018 lessons.


2017-2018 School Year:

Registration Fee:  There is an annual, non-refundable registration fee of $35 per household, paid at fall registration or when first enrolling in the school year. Beginning May 1, this fee is pro-rated to $15 for those enrolling in the remainder of the school year or for the summer 2018 session. Registration fees paid during the 2017-2018 school year include any summer 2018 lessons. 

Tuition: NISOM offers two tuition payment plans: by trimester or by automatic monthly withdrawals. All tuition is pre-paid in advance of the lessons. The total costs are the same regardless of the payment plan you choose. Scholarship assistance is available. 

Paying by Trimester:  Each school-year trimester is 12 weeks. Tuition amounts per trimester (one lesson per week) for private lessons in any instrument:

30-minute lessons:  $255
45-minute lessons:  $382.56
60-minute lessons:  $510

The full trimester tuition and registration fee is due at the time of registration and must be paid in order to reserve your lesson time(s). Tuition for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters is due before the beginning of the new trimester.

1st trimester tuition due: At registration
2nd trimester tuition due: November 6-11, 2017
3rd trimester tuition due: February 19-24, 2018
Summer tuition due: At registration

Email reminders are sent to those who have supplied us with an email address. NISOM does not mail invoices unless tuition is overdue. A $5 per week late fee will be added to any tuition not paid by the first lesson of the new trimester.

Paying by Automatic Monthly Withdrawals:
Use this payment method to schedule your tuition payments on an automatic, monthly basis and never worry about a late fee or missed payment. Students pay a tuition deposit plus registration fee when first enrolling each school year, and the balance of fees for the year are automatically paid each month from your bank account.

30-minute lessons:     Deposit:   $170             Monthly Withdrawal:  $85
45-minute lessons:     Deposit:   $255.04       Monthly Withdrawal:  $127.52
60-minute lessons:     Deposit:   $340             Monthly Withdrawal:  $170

To set up withdrawals, fill out an Authorization Agreement for ACH Debits form and turn it in to the office with a voided check. Withdrawals will be processed on the first Friday of each month, starting in October and ending in April. Your non-refundable deposit covers the first and last months. One month written notice is required to stop withdrawals mid-year.

Family Discount: Families enrolling in three or more weekly private lessons receive a 10% discount on the third and subsequent lessons per household per week. Families taking 5 or more lessons per week can receive this discount on all lessons.

Pro-rating: For students registering after the beginning of a trimester, the tuition will be pro-rated; please contact us for amounts.

Trial Period: New students opting to utilize a trial period pay for only four lessons ($85 for 30-minute lessons) plus a reduced registration of $15 to begin. If students enroll in additional lessons at the end of the trial, the balance of the annual registration fee and trimester’s tuition is due at that time. 

Short Term Lessons: Students wishing to take a few lessons may sign up for lessons on a short-term basis for 3 weeks (3 lessons). Tuition for 3 weeks of short-term lessons is $65 for 30-minute lessons, and the registration fee is reduced to $15. If students wish to continue with lessons after three weeks, they may enroll in the remainder of the current session, as schedules allow. Students enrolling in the remainder of the session will pay the pro-rated balance of the tuition calculated at the normal rate, plus the balance of the annual registration fee. 


Payment Methods: NISOM accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and NISOM gift certificates. A fee of 3.5% will be added to all credit and debit card payments to cover our processing costs.

Financial Assistance: NISOM offers need-based financial assistance through our Scholarship Program.

Referral Program: When referred by a current NISOM student or family, new students can receive $20 off their first full trimester or pro-rated at the amounts below, and the student or family who referred them get the same amount off their next tuition payment. For those starting mid-trimester or utilizing trial periods, discounts will be pro-rated. If and when students enroll in the next trimester or continue lessons after a trial period, they may claim the balance of the discount up to a total of $20.

12 weeks: $20 off  |  9-11 weeks: $15 off  |  6-8 weeks: $10 off  |  4-5 weeks: $5 off  |  No discounts for fewer than 4 weeks

Referred students (new students): The referred students must mention when registering the name of the student or family who referred them. No discounts can be applied once a student is enrolled if the referral is not mentioned at registration. It is the students’ responsibility to claim any balance due when making payments, such as when enrolling in additional lessons after a trial period or pro-rated trimester. No refunds. Referrals are valid for new customers/families only. Limit one discount for referees per household with a maximum of $20; discount does not apply to each trimester or multiple students in the same family.

For the referring students (existing NISOM students): It is the students’ responsibility to claim referrals when making tuition payments. No refunds. No cash will be given for referrals. Accumulated referral discounts may not exceed a student’s total fees, and students who discontinue lessons forfeit any unused referral discounts they have accumulated.

Refunds: At the end of the school year if any credit or refund is due for lessons that will not be made up, a check will be issued at your request. All refund requests for the 2017-2018 school year must be submitted by June 15, 2018. Students needing to withdraw from lessons mid-year may receive a tuition refund for the unused lessons if one month written notice is made prior to the withdrawal. See our policies for withdrawal information and absence refund eligibility.

Fundraising: All NISOM private students will participate in a fundraiser during the school year. NISOM does not charge students as much in tuition as it costs to provide lessons because it is important to us that lessons are as affordable as possible. Instead, we work to make up the difference through grants, private donors, and fundraisers. Students contribute to these efforts through student fundraisers that help support their lessons.

For the 2017-2018 school year we have three student fundraiser options:
1.) Playathon, a grand public recital for which students collect sponsorships to earn prizes
2.) Volunteer: Watch for announcements as opportunities to volunteer to work or perform arise, or contact NISOM to make other arrangements if you aren’t able to do any of the announced opportunities.
3.) Donate: Suggested donation amounts per student are $100 for the school year (the equivalent of the Playathon goal) OR $45 each trimester.

Every private student should select one of these fundraisers. NISOM is a non-profit organization, and without fundraisers like these, we would not be able to give you lessons. See Fundraising for more information.



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