Three Short-Term Lessons


Preparing for an Audition, Competition, or Performance? 

Sign up today for 3 lessons with a professional music teacher! Offered in voice, band and orchestra instruments, piano, guitar, and more.

Musical Theater or College Auditions

Whether you are headed to college or a local stage, get ahead of the competition by getting assistance with your audition material and advice on the audition process. Our teachers will guide you through the whole process.

Solo & Ensemble Preparation

Polish your pieces for your performance at Solo and Ensemble by getting feedback from one of our professional teachers! Come alone, with your accompanist, or with your entire ensemble.


Our experienced teachers will help prepare you to do your best!

And More

Whether you're singing at your neice's wedding, need help nailing that guitar solo, or want a mini-refesher on piano lessons, NISOM's short-term lessons can help you any time you need just a few lessons. 


About Short-Term Lessons: Students wishing to take a few lessons to prepare for auditions, competitions, or the like may sign up for lessons on a short-term basis for 3 weeks (3 lessons). Short-term lessons all available in voice, composition, and all instruments for which NISOM offers private lessons, as space allows. Contact NISOM for current schedules. Browse Faculty by Instrument

Tuition for 3 weeks of short-term lessons is $65 for 30-minute lessons, and the annual registration fee is reduced to $15. Need-based scholarships are available. See Scholarship Program for details and application.

To Register: Submit a completed registration form to NISOM with payment. In person registration at the NISOM office is recommended, so we can best match you with an instructor and a lesson time. No appointmemt is necessary. To register by mail or phone, please contact us at (563) 690-0151 to begin the process. Please review our attendance policies before registering.

Want more lessons? If you wish to continue with lessons after three weeks, you may enroll in the remainder of the current session, as schedules allow. Students enrolling in the remainder of the session will pay the pro-rated balance of the tuition calculated at the normal rate, plus the balance of the annual registration fee. The lesson time for short-term students is not automatically reserved for the remainder of the session, so students enrolling in additional lessons may need to do so at an alternate time, as space allows. If you are looking for on-going weekly lessons, we recommend you sign up today for a regular private lesson time slot instead of short-term lessons. 

Trial periods also available: Short-term lessons are designed for students who intend to only take three lessons. If you want to try lessons without a commitment before signing up for a full session, we recommend you sign up for a trial period of private lessons instead of short-term lessons. During a trial period, we will save your lesson time for the remainder of the session, so you can keep your same lesson time if you decide to continue. 

Short-term lessons are available only to new and former students or current students adding an instrument or additional weekly lesson. Short-term lessons may not substitute for a trimester for continuing students.






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