Celebrating 15 Years of Music



Do you remember what you were doing 15 years ago? In August 2001, NISOM was just opening our doors to our first 50 students. Now, over 2500 students later, we celebrate our 15th anniversary and the all lives we have changed so far, with more to come! We are thrilled to have been serving the community for 15 years and are extremely grateful to everyone who has played a role. 

Take a trip down memory lane through a special edition of our Quarter Notes newsletter highlighting our first 15 years. We thoroughly enjoyed checking in with our former students, faculty, and board members, and we hope you enjoy these blasts from the past. Then, please join us to celebrate with a special 15th anniversary concert and reception featuring music from the British Isles on October 15. 

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“Best idea since the music staff was invented!”  –Nancy Woodin


100% of Students Surveyed Say NISOM Improved their Lives!

We asked former students: NISOM is dedicated to improving the quality of life through music education and enrichment for people of all ages and abilities. How strongly do you agree or  disagree that NISOM improved your quality of life in any way? 92% of respondents Agree Strongly! Only 8% selected Agree Somewhat, and 0% selected Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree Somewhat, or Strongly Disagree.

“A music school is a place where everyone speaks the same language: Music.

It doesn't matter your age or your experience or your ability.  If you love music, there is a place for you. Music adds so much to the quality of life in our community. . . . Music helps children grow in so many ways. They learn skills that will last a lifetime. Adults can come back and build upon the skills they learned in their youth or learn new ones. You are never too old to learn! NISOM is a true asset to our community.” –Laura Roussell

My Favorite NISOM Memory Is...

The glow on my students’ faces when they "got it."
–Edward Obermueller
The level of commitment from my students that were determined to learn to play music
–Dean Mattoon
As a student, the Tadeu Coelho master class and recital.
–Matthew Boleyn

Performing in the "Ten Grand" concert for NISOM! 
–Dan Knight

Jo battles anxiety disorder and depression.

When Jo was in 3rd grade, she took up piano at NISOM and later switched to French horn instruction with Wendy Hinman. Through her lessons, something amazing happened. She found that performing music is one of the few things that doesn’t make her anxious! “[Music has] always been a refuge for me,” she says, “and I think at least part of that comes from getting my start at NISOM.” During her years with us, she performed in numerous NISOM student recitals, which she says played a significant role in why instrumental performance does not make her anxious when so many other things do.

Today, age 21, Jo is a visual arts student, and she’s still making music. She plays at her church and in a local community band, with yearly gigs in their Christmas Cantata and musical. Plus, she was recently hired to provide background music for a Victorian house tour. She credits NISOM with helping her get where she is today. “I think my instruction there was a big part of why I kept playing. NISOM was a really positive influence at a formative time in my life.”

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Thank you for changing lives through music!

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