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NISOM is about making music accessible to all: from concerts for preschoolers to ensembles for adults (and classes for both!); from performances in senior centers to programs downtown; and from beginners to those going to All-State! Learn more about the ways you help us reach all these groups in this edition of the newsletter. 

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Congrats to Isaac Johnson and Lauren Schuelter on making All-State!

Officially they are called “Intermediate Adult Piano,” but around NISOM they are fondly known as The Piano Ladies. For years they have rolled in on Wednesday early afternoons for a small group class in our piano lab. Now, after 12.5 years, four teachers, and numerous students who have come and gone, it is the end of the era as they had their last class in November. Read more of their story in the newsletter.

The fall session of Prescott Piano Program wrapped up with a special “show and tell” class for the students’ families. Taught by Prescott teacher Patti Millius, the program is part of our free and low-cost classes after-school in downtown Dubuque and was sponsored by Kiwanis Club.


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